Snowball Champion - Navy Hoody

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Snowball Champion - Navy Hoody

Snowball fight champion

Take two best friends
and a fresh blanket of snow,
Projectiles in hands,
Ready, set…GO!

The ultimate snowball fight:
It’s about to begin—
On this glistening white battlefield,
But who’s going to win?
Snowballs launched high,
And snow angels made low,
Having the most wonderful time,
In the soft freezing snow.

Will it be Penguin?
Or perhaps Polar Bear?
Who’ll be the champion?
But does anyone care?
Everyones winning when
things are such fun,
Because the truest of friendships
are what’s number one.

It’s time to go home now;
One final hug before the retreat,
“I’ll get you next time!”.
“You won’t have me beat!”

As they take their mummy’s hands,
And wave their goodbyes,
They look up and whisper
“best day ever”,
with tired twinkles in their eyes.

A design inspired by the epic snow days of childhood, where schools are closed and days are filled with joyful fun, soggy mittens and hot chocolates to warm up those freezing fingers.

We hope you love it and bring on the snow days ❄️.
We are opening TOMORROW (eek) night at 8pm. CHRISTMAS!!! Please leave your childs name or personalisation at the check out.

All our clothing is sourced ethically and all our packaging is recyclable ready to pop in your recycle bin.

All embroidery has a protective backing for your little ones delicate skin.
For best results, wash at 20 degrees on a delicate cycle, please iron over embroidery on a low heat

brushed fleece, 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester.