Halloween Night - Black Hoody

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Halloween Night - Black Hoody

Look! No feet?!
A ghostly bunny floats down the street.
Look! a pumpkin headed hound,
Creeping through a doorway
making spooky sounds.
Look! A feline witch
her paws clutched around her broom,
Cackling up your garden path, she’ll fly off with a zoooooom!

As the stars begin to swirl around
With the moonbeams glowing bright,
The flapping bats dive down and swoop adding terror to the night.

The children are finished dressing up
With their trick or treat bags near,
Ready to bring trouble to the night
And add a dash of fear!

“Trick or treat!”,
They all exclaim
as the door begins to open;
What ever could they have in store…
“Wait, is that a cauldron?”

It’s not a wicked evil spell!
It’s full of yummy sweets!
Chocolate bars and lollipops!
What an awesome treat!

The street is full of happy faces,
With big smiles as they go
From door to door this trio goes
Along houses in a row.

The moon glows bright,
Oh what a night,
it’s time that we go home:
The spookiest crew we ever knew,
Gave everyone such a fright!

Inspired by my littlest boy, whose adoration for Halloween is like no other.
I wanted to really capture a childhood feel to this design through our cute little trio of spooksters.

From the thrill of deciding what scary monster to be, getting dressed up for a night of mischief, to getting home and rifling through your loot. These are the days I hope he remembers that I strive so hard to make special for them. Our local
area made such an effort last Halloween and it was truly magical to see so many happy faces, friends bumping into each other and welcoming homes that really did make the night so special for the local children and helped us make such treasured memories.

I hope you love it, I’m sure your little spooks will. Ps, swipe for some glow in the dark…it wouldn’t be a OLB Halloween without glow in the dark thread, would it?

All our clothing is sourced ethically and all our packaging is recyclable ready to pop in your recycle bin.

All embroidery has a protective backing for your little ones delicate skin.
For best results, wash at 20 degrees on a delicate cycle, please iron over embroidery on a low heat

brushed fleece, 100% organic cotton,