A Year Of Adventures - Spring Edition - Pastel Green Sweater

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A Year Of Adventures - Spring Edition - Pastel Green Sweater

You all asked, so now they’re here;
Our furry friends are back
without the fear!
Their costumes now gone,
As the birds start to sing
New adventures await
now it’s finally spring!

Our bunny buddy
Without his ghostly sheet,
Carries a picnic
for all to eat;
Apples, and bread, and other things yum,
He’s in his dungarees ready for FUN!

Our doggy pal has left the pumpkin head
He’s brought a net this time instead!
Catching and observing insects
with joy and glee,
before he gently sets them free.

And finally our little ginger cat,
Shes traded in petals
for her witches hat!
Gracefully prowling
in a mane-like flower,
Ready to play
for hours and hours!

Such fun filled days
with our three best friends —
They hope the good times
will never end.
As they make the most
of every Spring day,
Laughing joyfully together
as they play.

Fleece Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Heavyweight 260-270gsm (approx)
Twin Needle Stitching
Fine Knit Rib Cuffs and Hem
60% Cotton
40% Polyester