Custom Personalised Doodle tee/sweatshirt

£30.00 Coming Soon

Custom personalised Doodle tee/sweatshirt.


Introducing our newest service: the Custom Doodle design, where we personalise designs for your little loves. This is the perfect item for those mums and dads who want something that’s made just for their special little ones, and especially perfect for those kiddies with unique and wonderful names that can never find things with their names on!

* You tell us what doodle you would like to compliment your child’s name: it could be the meaning of your kids name, the lovely reason why you named your child what you did, or just something they love.
* We will send you a form to fill in to get some of your ideas and preferred colour tones down on paper, but remember... keep your idea simple!
* Using our collection of doodles, we’ll put together a design that matches up with your request. Please be aware we will reuse the elements that we use in the designs. For example, because there’s only so many ways we can draw a Fox, or leaves etc, there will be times when something you’ve requested might be very similar to someone else’s order later down the line, but we will always try to tweak the design for you to try and keep it as unique as possible.
* Once we’ve laid out your personalised design, we’ll send you a visual example via email. Once you’ve had a look, we allow one set of small changes to the design (I.e move things, change colours etc). Once we’ve made these changes, we’ll test your design as embroidery and make sure it runs smoothly before we create your finalised garment and post it out to you.
* Please note: The style of illustrations and font in this service is set as per the examples on the listing, but the colours of the threads used can be changed on request.

This service is available on tee’s and sweatshirts but if you would like a different colour tee/sweatshirt to what is listed in the options or you want the design on dungarees etc then please send me a message to ensure I can get them for you from our suppliers. If you have any size requirements that aren’t listed please, send me a message and I’ll see what I can do to help.

All our clothing is sourced ethically and all our packaging is recyclable ready to pop in your recycle bin.

Prices are for one item only. Three tees above are used as examples only.